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"If the only thing I succeeded at is giving someone the opportunity to make them feel proud of who they are, then I've done my job"

- bennygregs

At just 18 years old, Benny Gregs runs a successful business operating in events, music and digital media. After juggling his VCE studies, working diligently on his passion, and swapping recess and lunch for business, his portfolio is growing larger than ever. Managing all his events with devotion and utmost expertise, Benny aims to give students and budding media personalities opportunities to thrive through music and networking events, all whilst continuing to develop new ideas and material to an exceptional standard. 


Energetic and fun, Benny officially started working at 12 years of age as a photographer and videographer, though his skills were far beyond this constraint. Quickly recognising that the sky is indeed the limit, he went on to create his own enterprise BennyGregs at just 16 years old. After the success of his first event, he then continued to sculpt his business to specialise in supporting artists, photographers, videographers, musicians, tech crew, artists, as well as venues and media companies all whilst in close contact with creative businesses on a national scale. 


With a passion for live entertainment, Benny’s repertoire features 

roles such as emcee, radio host, producer, marketer, and performer in over 120

projects across Australia, which is far beyond what he could have ever imagined.

As BennyGregs expands, with it comes a great following and a network of incredible people and business operations. Moving into 2021, Benny continues to manage event media, where he works as an emcee and talented director within red carpet events. With this he upholds his role as a pioneer for not only young and upcoming artists across Australia, but the future of the entertainment industry.

“I am so grateful for what I have, and the more young people I can encourage to do what

they love, just like I have been lucky to do every day of my life so far then I feel

that I have done my job!” 

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