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"If the only thing I succeeded at is giving someone the opportunity to make them feel proud of who they are, then I've done my job"

- bennygregs

BennyGregs is a Community Builder, Experience Producer and Personality from Melbourne Victoria that has captivated vast audiences with genuine warmth and a professional experience well beyond his years. At 22 years of age, Benny has featured in more than 120 projects across Australia; his charisma, energy, and innovation shining through in every moment.


As a personality, Benny has hosted a variety of events including his work with Porche, Melbourne Arts Centre, Kids Fashion Week, Channel 31, Festival X, and multiple city councils. It is his vibrancy, warmth, and genuine interest in people that allows Benny to truly connect with each guest - regardless of demographic, age or status - both on and off-stage and screen. These qualities are what make Benny an equally exceptional red-carpet emcee - elevating each event and inviting in each guest with his enthusiastic charm.




As a community builder and experience producer, Benny has established multiple events and opportunities including Futuration, Coming Together Christmas, BGCommunity, and BGCaptivate - his vivacity and compelling nature bleeding into all of his entrepreneurial endeavours.


From red carpet interviews to main-stage emcee, motivational speaking events to radio or TV - Benny Gregs brings a dazzling aura that will light up the stage, screen or airwaves - making your event shine as bright as he does.

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