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At BGCOMMUNITY, we strive to cultivate an inclusive and vibrant space for artists of all ages, genders, abilities, and personalities. 


Our mission is to provide a platform where individuals can feel safe, express their true selves, experiment with their artistic abilities, and forge meaningful connections that foster collaboration and friendships.

What we offer....


Live Mic Showcases

Step into the spotlight and vibe with new audiences at our Live Mic Showcases. It's not just a performance – it's a chance to grow, connect, and capture your artistry in front of fresh, appreciative eyes.

Signature Dinners

Join us for Signature Dinners – more than just a meal, it's a laid-back chance to share good food, swap stories, and build lasting connections. The kind of night where laughter and experiences take centre stage.

Friends Eating Dinner

Photo Walks

Take a stroll with us on our Content Walks – an easygoing opportunity to snap up some content, connect with fellow artists, and build your catalogue. It's a casual exploration that adds a dash of creativity to your day.


 Bridging Generations through Artistic Mentorship. A community-driven project aimed at fostering creative collaboration and mentorship between individuals aged 17 and above (Buddies) and those under 16 (Young Artists).


Artist Snapshots. Capturing Creativity in 50 seconds. Showcasing who, why and how artists become stars in the music industry. Get to know the BGCommunity.

For the Producers. The prime spot for up-and-coming producers to showcase their beats, we're the ultimate stage for young talent to drop their tracks. Whether you're a bedroom beat-maker or a studio maestro, our platform is your playground to spin your freshest beats and make waves.


A podcast created by BennyGregs (BGCOMMUNITY) and Christina and Anthony (Cartel Australia) highlighting the ins and outs of the music industry in relation to artist development, release cycles, best practices, media, streaming, social growth and audience building, industry navigation, community engagement, live shows and festivals. No fluff, all impact. 



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