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My October Update - WE WON AN ANTENNA AWARD!

Hello, my friend,

It's quite amusing that every time I sit down to reflect on the month, I'm overwhelmed because I tend to forget just how much I accomplish in a single month. Let me simply say, OCTOBER WAS SIGNIFICANT! Let's begin at the start. We had a fantastic "Safe, Happy, and Healthy" book launch - one of the most memorable moments of my life. The event took place amidst the picturesque hills of Tambo Farm, and we welcomed 170 wonderful guests. There was music, adorable animals, and, most importantly, an abundance of fun. The journey of creating this book was truly challenging, but now it's out there for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. During the event, we were treated to captivating performances by our dear friend Ally Elley, a group rendition of affirmations by our closest friends, and Ben Roarty, a family friend, served as our engaging emcee. To cap off the afternoon, we even had a surprise visit from Rocky, the pet alpaca from Tambo Farm. You can find your copy of the book at Once more, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support in everything I do. Following this, a mere six days later, I celebrated my 22nd birthday with a delightful three-day escapade in the city. We indulged in delectable meals, had a blast, and truly lived it up in the company of the best people. It's the simple pleasures in life that truly excite me and fill my heart with love and appreciation. Throughout the month, there were numerous events, including the Zanda Civil Construction Gala, which raised funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and our friends Ben and Sonia's wedding vows renewal, where Aydan, Amber (my best friends), and I provided the entertainment. I also had the pleasure of attending the BGCommunity Ample Live Mic, one of my personal favorites, along with a multitude of dinners, school luncheons, and corporate events. However, the highlight of this month was... WE WON AN ANTENNA AWARD! To keep it short, when I was younger, I used to watch the C31 Antenna Awards on TV and dream of being on the show, presenting, and winning an award. I even used to practice my acceptance speech. Well, that dream finally came true when I received an invitation to not only attend but also to be recognised as a nominated producer with three nominations for my TV special, "Coming Together Christmas." Furthermore, I had the honor of presenting a category. Dreams really come to fruition when you manifest them, work diligently, and refuse to give up on your goals. To top off the night, I was humbled to accept the award for the "Best Editing in a Program."

person on a media wall
BennyGregs - Antenna Awards

And you know what that means... "Coming Together Christmas" is returning in 2023, and this year it's going to be monumental! We've just completed the pre-production for the show and are gearing up for a mid-November launch.

Oh, have I mentioned that I had the incredible honor of being the Emcee for an event featuring 300 energetic teenagers from all corners of Hume City Council? I started as the warm-up act and eventually had the privilege of meeting none other than Guy Sebastian himself! Yes, that truly happened.

BennyGregs with Guy Sebastian

We'll also be introducing "Futuration at the Palms at Crown" this month, so stay tuned for that. With the countless hours spent on events, learning, grinding, and figuring things out, what did I learn this month? Firstly, that life is too short, and we should savor every moment and establish a routine. Routine, routine, and routine. By waking up at a set time, consuming 1500 calories daily, walking 10,000 steps, and always making my bed, life has become more meaningful, and I find myself overflowing with energy. Additionally, I've been immersing myself in some incredible podcasts by Jay Shetty that have truly been life-changing. These podcasts delve into topics like balance and mental health. Once again, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for reading, listening, and engaging with my content. Stay safe, happy, and healthy, and I'll catch up with you in next month's update.


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