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MY APRIL UPDATE - Welcome to the Record Straight.

April 2024 was another massive month for myself and the team! There have been movements and advancements across all of my projects, and personally, I have been incredibly invested in my wellness routines. Which I have found has helped me so much - especially on days where my motivation is running a little bit low.

It takes 21 days to build a habit, and following the dedication of my morning / night routines, I've recently filmed over 30 days worth of content to showcase myself and my vision for the BennyGregs brand. I'll be rolling that out throughout the month of May and can't wait to hear what you think! 

Professionally, I am working on elevating my portfolio alongside one of my closest friends... which is something I'll hopefully be able to share in the coming weeks.

We've also taken great strides within the BGCOMMUNITY to create a strong culture and enrich the community with opportunities to grow. We had our first photo-walk this month, with 20 artists taking to the streets of Melbourne to create content for their projects and connect with one another. Connection and Authenticity has been at the forefront of what I'm hoping to achieve with the BGCOMM, and we saw it again at our first Signature Live Mic where we celebrated live music with an 80s theme. 

I've released the second episode of the Record Straight podcast with managers at Cartel Australia. This episode talks about building an artist team and the best ways to develop an authentic brand - so everything this month is definitely on theme!

Also on Spotify, I featured on the Brothers In Business podcast, hosted by Futuration sponsors Pinnacle Choice. The podcast touched on entrepreneurship, leadership, Futuration and the sacrifices of being a young person in business. It was so rewarding to be able to open up and discuss these topics in such a relaxed and fun forum! You should all check out both podcast episodes!

Futuration planning is also ramping up.. Keep your eyes peeled for new updates in July, as we begin the rollout for auditions of the 2025 edition. This will have a new concept and a new angle, and I'm so excited to share it with you all! 

Feel free to subscribe to our new Futuration Youtube Channel to see the performances you missed.

In May, I really want to continue building on my personal and professional habits and look forward to touching base with you all next month! 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and catch you all soon!


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