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We are excited to announce a showcase event committed to providing opportunities for emerging artists in Victoria. This event will occur on Saturday, 3rd February 2024, at The Palms, Crown, in Melbourne. Futuration aims to highlight the immense talent and variety of creative individuals in Victoria and the impact that BennyGregs has made in the music and event spaces, contributing to the development of young artists throughout their careers.


We are inviting applications from Victorian creatives who are eager to expand their performance experience and showcase their talent to an audience of 800 people at one of Melbourne's most prestigious venues. This is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure and receive valuable support and training.


In collaboration with some of Australia's best creatives, including David Taafua as Music Director, Fatai as Vocal Director, and Luke Alleva as Choreographer, Futuration will be a professionally curated event designed to elevate your performance and career.

Futuration was created with artist opportunity at the forefront. We wanted to highlight the immense talent and variety of creative individuals in Victoria and give them the access to some of Australia’s finest music mentors and coaches, as well as the commercial opportunity to perform at one of the nation’s most iconic entertainment venues.


The aim of Futuration is to grow a community of like-minded artists, vocalists and dancers who together, will break the mold and create a whole new generation of entertainment production and the standard for Australian creative performances. 


Introducing our exceptional team of creatives who are passionately dedicated to bringing Futuration to life. Meet the minds behind this groundbreaking project, collaborating tirelessly to create an unforgettable experience for artists and dancers alike. Their diverse expertise, unwavering commitment, and boundless creativity are driving the vision of Futuration, making it a true celebration of talent and innovation.

CLICK HERE TO APPly and find out more info.

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