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"If the only thing I succeeded at is giving someone the opportunity to make them feel proud of who they are, then I've done my job"

- Benjamin Gregory



Benny Gregs is an emcee, radio host, podcast host, performer, motivational speaker, TV producer & presenter, musician and author that has captivated vast audiences with genuine warmth and a professional experience well-beyond his years. At 21 years of age, Benny has featured in more than 120 projects across Australia; his charisma, passion for live entertainment, energetic personality and innate presence shining through at every opportunity.

As an emcee, Benny has hosted the Manningham Carols by Candlelight in 2021, an iconic community celebration including a concert performance and fireworks finale under the stars. His confident, positive and upbeat energy kept the crowd of 15,000 enthralled throughout the show.

As a radio host and TV presenter, Benny has interviewed artists, influencers and celebrities on projects of which he had an active hand in producing and creating alongside his collaborative team. The A-Listers that he has previously interviewed includes TV Host Peter Hitchener, TV and Radio star Chrissie Swan, Musical Theatre stars Rhonda Burchmore and Rob Mills, singer Silvie Paladino, Screaming Jets front-man Dave Gleeson, TV Chef Miguel Maestre, The Chase’s Issa Shultz, Actor Dan Hamill (‘Love Child’), singers from ‘The Voice’ – AYDAN, Tanya George, Thando Sikwila and Ally Eley, SBS TV ‘Eurovision Australia Decides’ contestants Isiah Firebrace, Evie Irie and Erica Padilla, ‘America’s Got Talent’ child
star JJ Pantano, TIK-TOK sensations Harvey Petito, Keenan Chapman, Meika Wollard, Lucas Ivkovic and Youtube hit-band Hype Duo.

It is within his natural warmth and genuine interest in people that allows Benny to truly connect with each guest - regardless of demographic, age or status - both on and off screen. These qualities are also what has made Benny an equally exceptional red-carpet emcee. As a motivational speaker, Benny has presented nationally as a Vocational Education and Training (VET) spokesperson, based on his own entrepreneurial experience establishing and running businesses since the age of 10. Additionally, Benny was selected as part of a team of experts, innovators and leaders chosen to present at the 2022 Victorian School to Work Summit at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. His genuine passion for the future of young individuals, business experience* and his infectious enthusiasm makes Benny the ideal candidate on the topic of connecting the education system with future workforce opportunities, ensuring every student has a great pathway from school into the workplace.

Committed to youth wellbeing, Benny has developed a children’s picture book titled “I’m Safe, Happy and Healthy” that will begin rolling out in October 2022 for official release in February 2023. *Benny founded and currently operates BGGroup - a comprehensive creative agency that specialises in events, music and digital media activations; and BGCOM - a resource and community hub for independent and developing musicians and artist creatives. Benny is also active as one of Australia’s youngest Board Directors - adding to his wealth of knowledge, professionalism and ability to read a room (or crowd).

From red carpet interviews to main-stage emcee, motivational speaking events to radio or TV - Benny Gregs brings compassion, charm and an aura that will light up the stage, screen or airwaves - making your event shine as bright as he does.


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