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The BGCOM has provided me with a welcoming environment to share my artistry, music, and passion for music with other like-minded people. BGCOM has assisted me in gaining confidence as artist and being equipped with the right tools to work in the industry, such as the photo walks to get content for socials and branding, open mics with performance opportunities in different settings and in collaboration with other artists, networking not only with musicians but also actors, photographers, influencers and industry representatives. Being part of BGCOM  makes feel that I belong to a caring community in which I have been able to build long lasting friendships and great memories. 


As a young aspiring artist living in a regional town, it was difficult to find opportunities to sing outside of my biannual singing school events.  Unlike training and then playing a game of netball or football, I was doing the weekly training in lessons, with limited avenues to “play the game”.  


Being a part of the BGCOM has given me valuable experience to build my confidence and stage presence.  At first I was a little overwhelmed whilst in awe of the community.  But, I love how encouraging, collaborative and supportive of all ages and genres the community truly is.  I have also learnt so much just watching the incredible talent who have inspired me to begin songwriting and collaborate.  A huge thank you for supporting regional artists and young people like me!

The BGCOM has given me the opportunity to develop my live performance skills in such a fun and engaging way, through BGCOM i have networked with many industry professionals and made connections with like minded artists whom i can collaborate with.

There are opportunities to learn on the ins and outs of aspects of the industry, as well as exposure through Live Mics and Instagram shares. It slays. 


Being a part of the  BG COMMUNITY has encouraged me to bring my dreams to life. By working alongside talented and like-minded individuals from all over Melbourne, I have gained a sense of comfort, direction and confidence in my career. This organisation helped me to meet others in my field, to celebrate my own artistry, and to navigate how to work in the music industry - all by harbouring a community of creatives who share a passion for music. In the BGCOM, you can say goodbye to those anxiety-inducing opinions that so many of us as artists hear when embarking on a career in music. If the solidarity of our BGCOM creatives teaches you anything, it's that no matter who you are, there is always a place for you and your music in the world.

Elizabeth Pardallis

BGGROUPAU has and continues to be an invaluable contribution to the local community of performing artists. More personally, the company has brought about a lot of opportunities for musicians in the Northern suburbs where outlets for artistic expression are few and far between. Their Live Mic events are in high demand as a place for performance and even more so networking - feeding into BG's aim to build a strong community. Throughout the following year, I would love to see the company continue to connect with other community-based organisations to tap into an external audience - such as by facilitating artists through festivals - as they've done with Camp4Cancer and Mitchell Shire Christmas Carols. As well as BGCommunity's initiatives, BGCaptivate's range of services has created a lot of content for Australian artists, helping them expand their audience. An initiative that I would like to see in regard to this agency would be the opportunity for new creatives to gain work experience through apprenticeships or volunteer work. As someone who believes we need more Australian talent, I hold BGGROUPAU in high regard and will continue to support their culturally impactful and innovative initiatives.

Mister Co.

"If you are looking for an inclusive and supportive community that can help you network with like minded musicians, help provide exposure for your music and have access to countless opportunities across Melbourne, you need to get involved with BG Community.


The team behind the brand do everything in their power to make you feel welcomed and supported, you will feel like you have always been a part of the community even from Day 1. Their events breathe such a high level of professionalism and quality that is paving the way for the new industry standard for the next generation of performers and artists coming through their door.


Being new members of this growing community, we can see ourselves being involved for many more years to come. We would like to thank the BG Community for getting us involved and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve. We know it will only be BIG things!"

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