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My July Update - IM WORKING ON IT

Hello, my friend,

Wow, it's me again, back for another month's recap. Time really flew by quickly. This month has been challenging as we've reached the critical point of our endeavours, but we're pushing through and adapting, growing, and learning in the process (or so I keep reminding myself). Safe, Happy and Healthy is almost ready for printing, and with just 6 weeks to go, I can almost taste the celebration with a glass of moscato at the launch. It's been a wild ride, but I'm eager to show you all what we've created. On another note, something called Futuration is launching soon, but I'll be revealing all the details next month on February 3rd, 2024. So, save the date! Let me share something important from this week with you: it's okay to cry. It might sound trivial, but I truly mean it. Last Monday, I was having a rough day, feeling upset for 14 hours straight. I experienced a mental blank, had no direction, and lacked energy. In the midst of all this, I even broke down at Aldi because I couldn't figure out why I was there in the first place. But I decided to take care of myself – I went home, had a restful sleep, and then took the time to write my weekly to-do list. I prioritised the items from 1 to 30, and to be kind to myself, I added an extra 20 minutes to each task. Then I scheduled them into my week and managed to accomplish 70% of them, which I consider a pretty good success rate.

The moral of the story is that we're all continuously learning, including myself, and we're on this big learning journey together. Embrace it and grow with it.

This month, I had the privilege of performing with my beautiful friend Amber Sindoni (Ambraya) [with the help of Lauren Fanelli] at a private concert for a warrior of the Wallan community - Jane Baker, who recently received the devastating news that her battle with stage four cancer proved unsuccessful.

We wish Jane and her family and friends peace in this difficult time. More about Jane, her illness, and the incredible spirit of community in the article below. Stay safe, happy, and healthy, and I'll be in touch with you again next month.


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