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Grunge Rock

At BennyGregs we strive to help our artists as much as we can within our diverse services. We inspire, create and work with artists, producing content that is inspired by their personal musical journey. Within our facilities, we believe it is important for artists to have a point of contact for advice so that they aren't on their own, which feeds into the significance of Music Networking and Events.


Our goal here at BennyGregs is to create a home for artists to ask for advice, receive professional content services, all whilst fostering an inspiring family atmosphere within all of our exclusive seminars, Camps, and live mic events. Within this realm, we specialise in Event Management, Artist Connection Services, Promotional Content and Performance Opportunities, where we live by the motto 



a well-recognised concept within our current artist family.


We offer a series of services as listed below, however no question is too big or small with our incredible team of working professionals.

Relate, Create and keep your head on straight

We also offer a range of additional supporting services.

Working from Home


Changing the vibe on your insta





Artist Sessions

Be Noticed as an artist

Working with new and upcoming artists from across the country, we make it easy for venues to host a seamless, untroubled event with consistent entertainment from artists each week on constant rotation.

From Indie rock, acoustic soloists, pop, piano medleys, Aussie rock, jazz fusion and gospel we work with over 300 artists from across Victoria to ensure your needs are met and you aren't left feeling disappointed.

Get PAID From:

$200 Per Gig

Photo Studio


For branding and social media.

Through this service we connect you with an insane urban, music, cultural and/or studio photographer where you will receive a 90-minute shoot with 35-60 edited shots for the social media platform of your choice.


In the 90 minutes we can aim to fit in 2 or 3 different looks and aesthetics to provide a diverse experience. There is also the option of adding extras at an additional cost.




Performance Gala

Take the next step

Working with an incredible team of professionals to give artists selected the opportunities to be fully packaged and perform like a seasoned celebrity with professional audio, tech, hair, costume, makeup, lighting, producing, vocal and performance coaching.

To Apply:


Camera Operator


For branding and social media

Our team is at the foreground of creating videos that are creative & compelling.

We produce music videos from start to finish using the latest super HD and 4k cameras, our videographic apparatus involves a Sony As7 iii as well as Reds and Arri’s at additional cost.

We pride ourselves on being dedicated to producing quality content to a larger audience with the power of video.




Live Mic

Bring your fam

At BennyGregs we aim to provide a platform for artists to be involved within live performance environments. This consequently serves as a perfect opportunity for artists to network and perform in front of a large local and/or regional audience, in order to  attract  exposure to a broader community.


This provides each artist with the opportunity to perform and network, develop professional work skills, and seek promotional material to use across social media platforms.

To Apply:


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