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Are you an artist, singer or musician. We get gigs, make music and host live events for any artist. Whether it be a LiveNight, Acoustic Session, Cafe Gig, Studio shoot or artist connect workshop, we have you covered.


Interested in Photography or Videography for your brand, event of Product? We are hyped and ready to chat! Our team of industry professional have shot over 300+ gigs!

What we do?

Creating unique environments and products is our forte. At BennyGregs we strive to create something special. Whether it is music on your Friday and Sunday afternoon. A beautifully captured event photograph or video or your next gig as a musician we are here to help.


The team at BennyGregs have facilitated 300 music positions for artists over the last few years. Captured over 400 events and held numerous events for you and your friends to enjoy.


If you are an artist ready to take the next step, the team at BennyGregs will work with you to get performing. Whether you are after promotional videos or imagery or just wanting to start gigging and performing, BennyGregs music network is perfect for you. It's free to sign up to be a part of our numerous gigs and events, which are posted monthly. As of 2021 we are also offering camps and larger music events to help artists network and find likeminded individuals in the industry.


If its videography or photography you are after for your next event, business or for your family. Benny and the team will capture your next occasion in style. With over 10 years of experience and a high portfolio, enquire now regarding how you can capture your next project.


If you are after an event AV setup or styling we can help too, our team of Techs and stylists are ready to plan, style and light up your next event.


No matter what the gig, Benny and the team have your back. So enquire now and see how you can take the next step. 

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